Finishing Services offers a full apparel fulfillment program. Our finishing services take the hassle out of some of the merchadising on your end. We have the capabilitiy to not only order and print your apparel but also provide the following services:

  • Folding & Polybag
  • Size strip
  • Private labeling
  • Tagless label printing
  • Hang tags
  • Hangers
  • Boxing
  • Shipping
Large orders are grouped for screening and finishing
Folding machines fold, size strip, polybag and box in one process

Folding & Polybag Services

We have (2) folding machines that allow us to fold and polybag up to 1000 shirts an hour and provide shirts to you ready for your shelves. Polybagging keeps shirts folded and clean when displayed, allowing storefronts easy stocking and maintenance. For only .25¢ a shirt you can have your shirts professionaly packaged.

Polybagging keeps shirts clean and folded

Size Stripping

Size Strips are automatically added during folding

Along with folding and polybag services, size stripping allows customers to quickly find the desired shirt size. We stock size strips from adult S-XXL and youth XS-L. Just add .3¢ per shirt, it is worth not having to hassle and do it yourself.

Hang Tags

Hang tags provide a place to affix a barcode and to merchandise a brand. offers services to design and print custom hang tags for your brand. Just add .5¢ per shirt, to use our standard hang tag, or consult a salesman for options and prices to create your own tag.

Private Labeling

Sew in labels provide the ultimate branding experience, permanant personalized labels. We cut out the manufacturers individual label

Each Private Label is sewn on, one at a time and then sew in a custom label which can be designed at several sizes and colors. Discuss with your salesman options and prices.

Each Private Label is sewn on, one at a time
Maximize branding with sew in labels

Tagless Labels

Laser guided heat press permanently adhears new label

Personalize your brand by going with tagless labels, the ultimate in comfort and function. Tagless labels come in many color options, please consult with a salesman for specific prices.


Offering hangers is a simple service that is a major convenience to less thing to worry about. Just 2¢ apiece and they come in black or white.


When an order is complete we want to make the delivery as convienient as possible. We use Fed Ex and UPS for most of our shipping needs everywhere in the continental US. Our prices are very competitive and because everything in the production process is in one location, rush services are offered and easily met.