Digital Print

Digital Print Overview

4 colors of ink used in digital printing

Color spectrum softhand printing, incorporates inkjet technology into shirt printing. Digital printing allows maximum detail and full color reproduction with low piece minimums. Digital printings unique ink technology uses 4 ink colors much like home inkjet printers, the difference is once the inks are heated in our heat press the inks fuse with the shirt fibers creating a permanent bound and a very soft feel, unlike silkscreen inks that sit ontop of the shirt fibers.


Print Guidelines

Load file from computer load shirt and push the print button

Requirements for Digital printing: a 300 dpi jpg file, and blank item that is 100% cotton, thats it. Due to the transparency of the inks and no white underlay it is recommended to print on light colored garments and bags. There are (2) sizes of print tables: large table, 14 inches wide by 16 inches tall, and small table,12 inches wide by 12 inches tall.


Stitch Count / Prices

Because of the simplicity of this process compared to silkscreen there are no setups. Pricing is based on total square inches printed.

If you need help in designing your apparel art, our art department can create stunning graphics very quickly at just $1.00 a minute.

Print Process

The process for printing a design is simple: send image from computer to printer center 100% cotton item on print table, push the print button, when product finishes printing place shirt on heat press at 350° for 10-15 seconds, allow to cool, and there you go.

Shirt coming out of digital printer
Heat press fusing inks into cotton fibers